Crenosoma vulpis (Dujardin 1844) (Nematoda, Crenosomatidae) in foxes in Vojvodina Province, Serbia

Verica Simin, Vesna Lalošević, Annamaria Galfi, Milovan Božić, Nemanja Obradović, Dušan Lalošević


Crenosoma vulpis is a lung worm which affects carnivorous mammals. Data on the presence of C. vulpis in foxes in Serbia is lacking. In the present study, C. vulpis was found in the fox population of Vojvodina Province, Serbia, during the course of examinations for Eucoleus aerophilus. Foxes were collected throughout Vojvodina Province: most of the foxes had either been previously suspected of rabies or regularly shot in 2011. Carcasses were opened and tracheas were taken from larynx to bifurcation, and preserved in 30% ethanol for later examination. For the purpose of examination, the tracheas were opened on the anterior side using scissors. Parasites were collected under a stereomicroscope by scraping of mucosa and wet-mounted in glycerin-ethanol or lactophenol. Crenosoma vulpis was found in 5 out of 38 foxes, for a prevalence rate of 13.15%. A total of 8 male, 15 female and 45 larvae was found. Cohabitation of foxes with stray dogs and cats may be a potential source of parasite transmission in urban environments.

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