Seasonal variability of the epilithic diatom community in the Radovanska River

Olga Jakovljević, Slađana Popović, Ivana Živić, Katarina Stojanović, Jelena Krizmanić


The present study provides detailed information on the seasonal variability of epilithic diatoms, based on analysis of their diversity and dominant taxa in the Radovanska River (Eastern Serbia) over 4 seasons at five sites. This river is the most important tributary of the Crni Timok River and has high biological diversity. This region of Eastern Serbia also has great tourism potential. Diatoms are widely recognized as excellent indicators of many environmental conditions. Spring and summer periods were characterized by the highest number of diatom taxa (143 and 145, respectively), and winter by the lowest (109 taxa). A total of 24 taxa were recorded as dominant (relative abundance higher than 5% for at least one locality). CCA ordination diagram clearly indicates that taxa recorded in more than two seasons are separated from those specific only for one sampling season (none were exclusively recorded only in winter). A large number of taxa were recorded in only two seasons.

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