Discovery of a new subterranean member of the family Niphargidae from Serbia, Niphargus luka sp. n. (Contribution to our Knowledge of the Amphipoda 267)

Gordan S. Karaman


A new subterranean species of the family Niphargidae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridea), Niphargus luka sp. n., which was discovered in Ranney collector wells near Čačak (Serbia), is described and its taxonomic status within the genus Niphargus Schiödte, 1849, is discussed. This species has some characters which are similar to those of the subgenus Orniphargus (elongated extremities, telson, dactylus of pereopods, gnathopods, uropods 1-2, etc.) and subgenus Jovaniphargus (dactylus of pereopods, telson, etc.), but with some different characteristics (elongated uropod 3 with spinose second article, metasomal segments without marginal spines, etc.).

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