Genomics as a basis for precision medicine

Sonja Pavlović, Maja Stojiljković, Nataša Tošić, Branka Zukić, Milena Ugrin, Teodora Karan-Djurašević, Vesna Spasovski


Summary. Precision medicine, also known as genome-based medicine and personalized medicine, uses knowledge of the molecular basis of a disease in order to individualize treatment for each patient. The development of novel, powerful, high-throughput technologies has enabled better insight into the genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic and proteomic landscape of many diseases, resulting in the application of personalized medicine approaches in healthcare. Research in the field of biomedicine in Serbia has followed the modern trends and has made a great contribution to the implementation of genomics in Serbian clinical practice. This is a review of the state of the art of scientific achievements and their application, which have paved the way for personalized medicine in Serbia.

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