Niphargus graecus S. Karaman, 1934 (Fam. Niphargidae), poorly known species from Greece (Contribution to the Knowledge of the Amphipoda 301)

Gordan S. Karaman


The poorly known subterranean species Niphargus graecus S. Karaman, 1934 (Gammaridea, Niphargidae) is redescribed based on holotype and paratypes (males only) from Acrocorinth and new samples (males and females) from two new localities (Delphes and Lake Lisimachia), all in central Greece. The female of this species is described for the first time, based on specimen from Delphes. Various taxonomical characters, as well as the variability of males and females from Delphes and Lisimachia Lake are mentioned. Based on a study of morphological characters, specimens from Lisimachia Lake (loc. typ. of N. aitolosi Ntakis, Anastasiadou, Zakšek & Fišer, 2015) are identical with specimens of N. graecus from Acrocorinth and Delphes. The taxonomical relation of N. graecus to other known taxa of this genus from Greece is discussed.

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