Biologia Serbica

Inaugural Issue of Biologia Serbica: Editorial Message

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new journal, Biologia Serbica (BS). Biologia Serbica was previously published under the name, Review of Research, Faculty of Sciences – Biology Series, by the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. This journal had been in regular publication between 1971 and 2004, and there are currently 33 issues available. Today, after an eight year gap, we want to continue the over thirty year long tradition of this journal, with a new name, concept and board of editors. Please, read more in About the Journal/Policies/Editorial Message.

Milica Matavulj

Editor-in-Chief: Biologia Serbica

Vol 46 (2024): Biologia Serbica


Table of Contents

Original paper

László Barsi

Mini review

Neda Aničić, Danijela Mišić