Two members of the subterranean genus Niphargus (Schiödte, 1849) (Family Niphargidae) from the Balkan Peninsula (Contribution to the knowledge of the Amphipoda 316)

Gordan S. Karaman


Two species of the subterranean genus Niphargus Schiödte, 1849 (fam. Niphargidae) are described and figured. Niphargus biljanae G. Karaman 1998, known from type locality only (Zelenikovo S. of Skopje, North Macedonia) was discovered in the subterranean waters near Raduša village (W of Skopje) and a spring near Gračanica Lake (Kosovo & Metohia reg. Serbia). This species is redescribed and its taxonomical characteristics are discussed. Niphargus artifex, sp. n. is described and figured from Paring Mountains, Transylvanian Alps (Romania) and its taxonomical relations to other similar taxa from the Balkan Peninsula are discussed.

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