Stomatal apparatus response of Tilia cordata (Mill.) and Betula pendula (Roth.) to air quality conditions in the City of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Nina Janjić, Dino Hasanagić, Tanja Maksimović


Summary. Comparative analysis regarding micro-anatomic stomatal apparatus parameters of small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) and birch (Betula pendula L.) from the wider area of Banja Luka (entity of Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) in the course of two seasons was performed in this study. Sampling of selected plant species was made on trees which were located next to the road (city centre) and on trees located in the suburban forest estate of "Velika Gozna", near the city. One of the objectives of this study was to examine the impact of particular air pollutants on stomatal apparatus characteristics (stomata number, size of stomatal apparatus and pore). The obtained results indicate significant differences in the stomatal apparatus characteristics between Tilia cordata (Mill.) and Betula pendula (Roth.) as well as with respect to the origin of the examined material. Changes in stomata number and stomatal apparatus size in the examined species can serve as an indicator of their resistance to air pollution in urban areas.

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